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COVID-19 Funding and Telehealth Regulatory Updates

Posted by Nicole Miller on Jun 22, 2020 9:00:00 AM

FQHC Regulatory Updates Pre and Post COVID-19

Pre-COVID-19, Community Health Centers (CHCs) faced daily challenges in order to provide the best quality care for their patients. Post-COVID, CHCs battle to overcome unfamiliar challenges while adapting to new Federal and State regulation changes. Here we will highlight resources that can help guide you through the rapidly changing Federal and State regulations.

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Topics: Community Health Center, FQHC

How Smart Is Smart Note?

Posted by Nicole Miller on Jun 22, 2020 9:00:00 AM

What is Smart Note? 

Smart Notes are a critical way of communicating information about a patient's dental and  sometimes medical healthcare using interactive and predefined notes. The notes are interactive and pre-written associated with a particular treatment that is completed with predefined multiple choices. This allows the practice to create consistent and comprehensive notes by removing the need to recreate the same type of documentation over and over. There are two types of fields, static and variable, allowing each note to be customized to the individual patient procedure. 

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Topics: Clinical, Community Health Center

NextGen Hosting

Posted by Shannon Lienemann on Mar 9, 2020 1:53:30 PM

OSIS provides best-in-class NextGen hosting, with environments that are scalable, reliable, and completely secure. Our NextGen focus means that we understand the unique requirements health centers require so their patient-critical data is always available. In this post we will answer some frequently asked questions about our hosting services.

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How to set up Recall Plans in Practice Management

Posted by Shannon Lienemann on Mar 9, 2020 10:38:09 AM

You're checking out a patient and scheduling a return visit, but the provider's schedule isn't set up for another year. What do you do? Recall Plans can assist your practice with scheduling return visits and tracking them within NextGen. We will cover what Recall Plans are and how to set them up in Practice Management. 

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Topics: EPM, Community Health Center, Value Based Care, NextGen Optimization

EDR Caries Risk Workflow and Setup

Posted by Shannon Lienemann on Mar 9, 2020 10:37:50 AM

Setting up Caries Risk Assessments

The Caries Risk Assessment module comes loaded with default questions that are presented to the user who is conducting an assessment (hygienist or dentist). An administrator can configure this list of questions as needed on the Caries Risk Assessment Configurations screen. 

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Topics: EDR, Community Health Center, FQHC

NextGen Success Community Best Practices

Posted by Shannon Lienemann on Mar 3, 2020 8:00:00 AM

The NextGen Success Community is a great resource for NextGen users far and wide to find educational resources and trainings, vote on product enhancements, collaborate with other NextGen users, and stay up to date with industry news. Here, we will cover the different facets and give some best practices for how to navigate the Success Community. 

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Topics: Community Health Center, FQHC

Exploring ePCS and PDMP

Posted by Shannon Lienemann on Feb 11, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Patient and provider safety is paramount when it comes to prescribing controlled substances. To ensure prescribing is safe and secure, NextGen EHR provides two features that assist with this - ePCS and PDMP.

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Topics: EHR, Behavioral Health

PCMH - It's Not Just NCQA

Posted by Shannon Lienemann on Feb 5, 2020 8:00:00 AM


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Topics: PCMH, Community Health Center, Value Based Care, FQHC

NextGen Share: Inbound and Outbound Transmissions

Posted by Shannon Lienemann on Jan 16, 2020 8:00:00 AM

In the days before Electronic Health Records, the way of exchanging patient information with one provider or practice was to fax it over. With the development of EHRs came health information exchanges (HIE). Exchanging information with providers or practices has become more secure, efficient, and faster with NextGen Share. 

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Topics: EHR, Community Health Center, FQHC

PCMH Annual Reporting and Sustaining

Posted by Shannon Lienemann on Jan 9, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Congratulations! You've achieved PCMH recognition. But the work is far from over. What do you have to look forward to now? Annual Reporting! This can be a daunting task and it is important to know all the details. Here, we will cover exactly what NQCA PCMH Annual Reporting (AR) is, timeline and steps, review required vs. optional reporting elements, and more.

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Topics: PCMH